Sketch 12/07/08 – More Fan Art

12/07/08 Sketch

12/07/08 Sketch

Almost didn’t post a sketch tonight. The toilet backed up and I had to go out and snake my sewer pipe. It was a series of events that I’d rather not go into. Yes, I’ve done this enough times that I have my own power snake to snake my pipes with.

Tonight’s is a piece of fan art for Evil Diva by Pete Menotti (writer/creator) and Brinson Thieme (artist). It’s one of the web comics I read on a regular basis.

Back to the Tablet PC and ArtRage. Painter and my Wacom are acting weird lately.

2 thoughts on “Sketch 12/07/08 – More Fan Art

  1. Chris


    Power snake?! Luxury. When I was a boy we had a manual snake and our bare hands and we were happy to have it!

    Actually this is true. My dad had a manual snake, and it beat the snot out of not being able to use the can.

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